Tuesday, April 19, 2011


For over 2 years, I've been creating paintings of cats for an organization called Arts For Critters. We are a group of artists that donate a percentage of our artwork's sale price to animal rescue shelters.  My painting of "Felicia" is the 15th painting that I've done in my "Cat Rescue Project" series.  The purpose of the series is to bring awareness to cat overpopulation and abandonment.

Never has a cat that I painted touched me the way Felicia has.  I don't really know what her life has been like, but it looks as if it has been a long happy life for Felicia.  A few months ago she was dropped off at the Sacramento Animal Shelter, and since she is now blind, and deaf, her hopes of being adopted were almost nil.  As she was scheduled to be put to sleep, an alert went out over the internet in hopes of a last minute rescuer.  FieldHaven Feline Rescue came through.  She remains safely there waiting to be adopted.

When I visited Felicia, she was wandering around her outdoor cage meowing and looking a bit lost and lonely.  I sat down next to her and she tentatively stepped onto my lap and curled up as if that was exactly what she was looking for.  I fell in love with Felicia as she purred loudly and kissed my hand with her nose.  It was difficult to leave her there, for I wanted so much for her to always have a warm lap to cuddle up on.  But, I know FieldHaven Feline Rescue will take wonderful care of her until she finds a permanent lap to sit on.

My painting "Felicia" goes on sale today on eBay. By my hope is not so much for a sale, but for a good home for Felicia. She needs a person who will be gentle and caring. She needs a good safe home where she can live out her last years. I painted Felicia in just such a loving home.  Please call FieldHaven, (916) 434-6022 if you are able to give Felicia a good home.

Bid on this artwork by Deborah Ann Klenzman of "Felicia."


  1. Beautiful, and on behalf of myself and FieldHaven we thank you for shining such a positive light on such a sweet and wonderful girl. Her forever home is out there, until then she will truly be loved by myself and all the other wonderful volunteers at FieldHaven. It takes a village, and with your help ours just expanded a little more. Thank you for creating such a wonderful portrait, Felicia (aka Felicity) is in great hands and soon will be in the home of her dreams. Johanna Meinking, FieldHaven Feline Rescue

  2. Felicia is truly a special cat who has a zest for living. You have captured Felicia's essence Debbie. Thank you so much for your support of FieldHaven and all the homeless pets, many of whom with the support of you and your fellow artists, will find loving homes.