Friday, April 15, 2011

Dog Ownership -What happens if someone takes your dog?

The big dog story in the news lately has been about a little Pomeranian named "Miss Tilly."  Back in 2005, Ms. Schwontkowski left her dog in the care of her friend for a short time until she could move into her new home. Her friend, however, decided to give the dog away.  She then lied to Ms. Schwontkowski, telling her the dog had run away and was possibly killed.  Obviously devastated, Ms. Schwontkowski searched for her dog relentlessly. Being an author, she wrote a book on the loss of her dog.  It was at this point, four years later, that her friend finally told her the truth, that she had given the dog away.  The couple in possession of the dog was notified, but would not give the dog back.  They insisted that "Tilly" was now their dog.

Today, April 15, 2011, Ms. Schwontkowski brought the couple to court to force them to give her dog back.  The judge ruled that Ms. Schwontkowski was the rightful owner of "Miss Tilly," but he could not legally force the couple to return the dog.  The judge told the couple that they would have to pay $5,000 in damages for not returning the dog. The penalty would be waived if they returned to dog to Ms. Schwontkowski.  The couple stated they would pay whatever they had to pay to keep the dog.
This, of course, does not satisfy the rightful owner of the dog. It is a sad story for each of the parties involved.  Put yourself in the place of each.  What would you do to get your beloved pet back after he/she was wrongfully taken from you?  If you found out the dog you have fallen in love with was not rightfully yours, would you give it back?

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