Thursday, June 4, 2015

Photo Tips: Aperture

Aperture at f2.8 creates selective focus
     This week's video blog discusses one of the ways your camera handles light. Aperture is a device in the lens of the camera that opens and closes to allow light in. The more light your lens allows in, the smaller the area of your image will be in focus.  The area of focus in your image is known as the depth of field.  The focal length of your lens, a wider angle lens or a telephoto lens, will change the aperture's depth of field.
Aperture at f16 with a wide depth of field
     Experiment with different lenses at different aperture to get a sense of how it can change the feel of your image. Also experiment with the distance between the camera and the subject.
     How you adjust the aperture depends on what type of camera you are using. Digital SLRs vary but commonly have an adjustment wheel on the front of the camera. Film cameras and some DSLRs have a ring on the lens that turns. Point-and-shoot cameras may have a wheel at the top of the camera with simple icons that depict landscape or portrait. If your point-and-shoot camera has an aperture priority setting, you should be able to adjust the aperture in the menu.

     Watch this short video:

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