Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Camera-Shy Dog

Does your dog turn tail every time the camera comes out?  Does every photo you take of your pets look like this?

One great way to get a better photo of your pooch or kitty is to play with them as if the camera is not there. Capture your pet in action as he catches the frisbee or attacks the feather toy. Treats or a favored toy held in your hand near the camera is also a sure-fire way to keep your pets attention. Try making a silly noise that your pet doesn't usually hear you make. A whimpering sound usually gets a dog to do an adorable head tilt.

If your camera is the look-through-the-lens type, you will need to put your camera on a tripod so that your face is not behind the camera. First, frame the image in your camera, and then interact with your pet so he can see your eyes.

Some cameras have a delay when you click the button. Usually this happens because the camera is adjusting focus, checking exposure, eliminating red-eye, or other internal adjustments. Check the menu for the ability to shut off this feature. If your are not able to turn off this annoying problem, I suggest you get a new camera. You will need a camera that will stop action when you want it to. Animals and children do not sit still long enough to wait for your camera to catch up. Save yourself the hassle and get a quick and efficient camera.

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