Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Remembering Bailey

Remembering Bailey

Last weekend, I was pet sitting two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for a client. Pet sitting is something I enjoy doing on the side because it allows me to step away from my art for awhile and play with animals. The down-side is that I bond with these dogs, cats and birds, and when they get sick and pass out of this world, it hits me pretty hard too.

I had been watching Bailey and Cocoa for only a few months off and on, but they both found their way into my heart. Bailey was a few years older than Cocoa, so she moved a little slower on the walks. Cocoa, so full of energy, bounded along ahead of us. Then, as if to find out what was taking us so long, she would ran back and do circles around us. Bailey would get run over by Cocoa at times, but she was amazingly patient. It taught me to remember to be more patient towards those people who need it.

When Bailey began eating slower and sometimes not eating at all, I knew something was wrong. I mentioned it to her pet dad who informed me they were taking her in to the vet. The news was bad. She had cancer throughout her body and it would most likely overtake her in a few months. I did my best to make her comfortable and enjoy her favorite things, cookies and walks in the park.

Last weekend, Bailey's condition worsened. I had to hand feed her when she was too weak to eat out of her bowl. Her pet parents came back from vacation quickly after I informed them of her weakened state. They arrived in time to take her to the vet where she died peacefully in their arms.

Bailey was a good and loyal dog for 13 years to her pet parents. She will be sorely missed by her family and by her younger sister Cocoa. I will greatly miss her too.  She taught me endurance through sickness and patience. Bailey was nothing but sweetness and love.

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