Friday, October 14, 2011

Dogs Love The Beach!
Here are just a few bits of advice so that your furry friend has a great day in the sand and surf.

1) Trim your pooch's nails. Sand can cause some discomfort if it gets in between the toenails.

2) Bring fresh water and a dog bowl. Even cloudy days at the beach can be hot for your dog. On really hot days, bring a sun umbrella so your dog has a place to go out of the sun.

3) Bring baggies to clean up after your pet. No one wants their day ruined by stepping in your dog's business.

4) Dogs CAN get sunburned, especially on their nose, belly or paws. Limit your dog's exposure to the sun or use a safe natural sunscreen if your puppy is prone to sunburn.

5) Rinse salt water and sand from your dog's coat after swimming. These can be irritants to your dog's skin and paws. Clean and dry ears to reduce chances of an ear infection.

6) Be aware of tide pools and undercurrents. Dogs who are focused on fetching a ball, can easily get caught and pulled under.

Hope you all enjoy your day at the beach!

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